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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

I’m originally from Maryland. I am a family of four, which consists of my three daughters and me. I have a 6-year-old who goes to Mountain View Christian School, a 4-year-old in Pre-K and a 7-month-old baby. I didn’t initially choose for my kids to be in private school, it chose us. I found out about the Opportunity Scholarship and once you find out about that kind of chance, it’s really hard to pass up.

At Mountain View Christian School, the staff is very thorough and personal. I feel like the opportunity is life changing. Within the first three months, my dauther was writing, reading, spelling, and doing things that I didn’t think a kindergartner was capable of, so it was life changing to be able to put my kids in private school. With the type of money I make, this would never be possible without the scholarship. 

“ was life changing to be able to put my kids in private school.”

In Nevada, we are not the highest on the totem pole when it comes to public education, so once my daughter started kindergarten, I saw so much improvement immediately. In comparison to my niece, when she was in public school, she wasn’t getting the type of attention that she needed to consistently improve. But one year in a private school in Las Vegas and she has advanced so much, which has made such a big difference in our whole family.

I believe that in the African-American community or for minorities in general, it’s hard for us to consistently compare and put ourselves in a position where we are allowing our kids to get the opportunities that other people are allowed to get. Being in a private school setting is unheard of in these communities. But I really think it’s possible to send your kids to private school thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship.  We can do it!


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