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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My name is Donnie Crosby and my granddaughter Jerea is in 3rd grade. We are very family oriented. We have family gatherings and my wife cooks every Sunday so we get a chance to see everyone on the weekends. 

My daughter, Jerea’s mother, chose private school for her. She has grown immensely, academically. She’s learning a lot and it’s something I wish I could have done when I was her age. I think with private school, students have more opportunities. For instance, classrooms are smaller than in public school and there is individualized learning.

It’s very important for families to have school choice because I believe kids have a better chance of learning more in a private school than in public school. When I got the opportunity to see her school for myself, I fell in love with it.

Jerea is very intelligent, very smart and I think it’s because of her school. I would like to see her continue to grow and I wish kids all over the world could do the same.


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