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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

I am Sheila Offord, and I have three daughters at Family Worship Christian Academy:  Shyra Lewis in 5th grade, Saige Offord in 2nd grade and Saide Charles is in kindergarten.  

I feel it is important for parents to be able to select their children’s school because different schools have certain strengths to fit the needs of your children. Family Worship Christian Academy provides smaller class sizes and one on one settings to help ensure that Shyra and Saige are on track with their peers.  

Shyra is a recipient of the Louisiana Scholarship program for the second year. She came from public schooling so her first year was a struggle. I love that Family Worship Christian Academy offers one on one assistance with her to ensure that she is at the required level.  

She has always struggled in school due to health issues but because of the scholarship program she is gaining a lot of confidence. She is able to read now and is excited about going to school not only to meet her friends but to learn. She has also benefitted from the afterschool tutoring to help her catch up on what she missed during class.  

It also helps that the teachers and staff are very involved and keep parents informed of our kids struggles and successes. I am very thankful that Shyra has the opportunity of being a Louisiana Scholarship recipient. 

Saige has been a recipient of the Louisiana Scholarship Program since Pre-K at Family Worship Christian Academy. This has been an excellent experience for her thus far because she has learned to write in cursive at a young age and has learned multiple bible verses which is awesome.  

Family Worship Christian Academy allows Saige a more handson atmosphere, which is very important. Saige maintained honor roll every nine weeks last year and we are looking forward to another productive school year.  

Saide is a recipient of the Louisiana Scholarship. She is in Kindergarten and prior to this year, I was really worried about her learning. She seemed to not be progressing as she should. The staff at Family Worship Christian academy are so positive and reassuring. This is only the second week of school and she is much better at recognizing her letter and numbers. Saide has made a lot of progress in such a short time and I am confident that she will excel even further. 

I am thankful for the benefits and curriculum that is provided through this scholarship program. The ways that they teach the kids at Family Worship Christian Academy is brilliant. I am thankful for the Louisiana Scholarship program and all that it offers to the betterment of our kids. 


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