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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Madisyn Semien, and I attend Family Worship Christian Academy on the Louisiana Scholarship ProgramI have been there for nine yearsI have made amazing friends and am 12 years oldI am in the 7th grade and love my school! 

The teachers and staff have helped me achieve my goals of growing smarter and advancing to a new grade every yearThe teachers care about the students learning and our grades. They take time to work one on one with us even after school and recess if we need helpThey are encouraging and give examples we can understand when we need help with problemsThe teachers also care about my feelings, safety and what I can accomplishThey support my dreams and have been there for me since I started Pre-K 

I am very thankful for being in the Louisiana Scholarship Program because I have become smarter ever since attending Family Worship Christian AcademyAttending my school has been very good because The Louisiana Scholarship Program has affected my overall view of school because I now know that I have someone other than my teachers who support me through high schoolI have made amazing friends because of FWCAThey count everyone in and make sure no one is left out.  


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