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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Madison Alford. I am in the seventh grade, and I attend Family Worship Christian Academy.  The Louisiana Scholarship Program has affected me in school because all of my classwork has improved.  If I would have attended another school, it probably would have not been the same as attending Family Worship Christian School. 

This school has smaller classes and teachers who help students in everything we do. It is an amazing school. I have learned so much from being here, and if you were here, you would understand that, too.  Although the school has its difficulties, the school is a great learning system. In addition, they are preparing us for college so that we will not make any mistakes or if we do, we will be able to handle it. 

Family Worship Christian Academy is a school where all of the students learn. Tutoring is offered for students who need to improve in math and all subjects. I was bad in math, but my math tutor/teacher helped me learn what I struggled with. Now I am somewhat good in math. 

I also had tutors help in other subjects that I was bad in such as English. The teachers help and spend extra time helping students. The school has also helped me learn how to understand and react to real life situations. If I don’t understand something FWCA has teachers that stay after school to help students in any subject we are having trouble with. 

The school and scholarship have improved my life so much that I know I will be ready for the real world and a job.   


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