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PROGRAM — Charter School

By Londyn’s Mom, Cynthia.

My daughter, Londyn, is a second grader at Baton Rouge FLAIM. She is learning two languages: English and Mandarin. She excels in her studies. She has learned how to count and talk in Mandarin, which is a unique experience for her.

I chose Baton Rouge Flaim because of the variety of courses offered to the children and the diversity of children from other cultures that she is able to interact with at school. The school is very family oriented and everyone is willing to help new students coming to the school.  I like how the principal and the staff greet parents and students. You can tell that teachers enjoy their jobs. They help by giving advice and by helping if the parents in any way that they can.

I feel that it is very important for parents to choose their child’s school because you want your child to be in a comfortable environment and be happy about learning. It is also great that my daughter gets to excel in both languages.


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