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PROGRAM — Charter School

By Kah’monte’s Mom, Reaione.

Kah’monte is a great kid. He is very helpful, outspoken, outgoing, energetic and very curious. He loves art. He is a great big brother to his little three year old brother, R’Monte. He loves to exercise with his mother. His favorite thing is Tik Tok!! And, he also wants to start his own YouTube Channel. He is a very bright kid, and I’m very blessed to have him.

I chose for Kah’monte to attend KIPP Believe because the teachers are great. They push the students to do better and to try hard on something that’s challenging. The teachers tell the students to never give up. They make learning fun for the kids. They make lessons into rap songs for the students to learn facts faster and easier.

The teachers are like the students second set of parents; they show love at all times. They teach them right from wrong and prepare them for their future that they have ahead of them. It is a perfect school – It’s safe and the teachers love the kids at all times.

It is important for parents to choose the right school for their students because some kids don’t get that type of attention at home and having the teachers be there for the students is a blessing to them. As a parent, I appreciate them all because the academics, programs and sports will help our kids make something of themselves. They offer the environment we love and grow in. We all want our kids to stay out of harms way. Safety first.


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