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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My two children, Khalia and Isaiah Redding, have been attending Family Worship Christian Academy with the help of the Louisiana Scholarship Program since each were in kindergarten. They are now in the 6th and 7th grades respectively and growing stronger and stronger. Neither of them has ever scored anything less than mastery on the LEAP test, and both are recognized constantly at all school award functions.  

I believe Khalia and Isaiah have been able to achieve this success because private schools  in Louisiana tend to have lower student to teacher ratios which makes learning easier and more one-on-one teacher assistance possible. My children love the lower student population environment and the friendships they’ve developed along the way.  

I love that I had a choice in which school they were able to attend and that they are enjoying learning. I am forever grateful for the Louisiana Scholarship Program because my children’s happiness and education are very important to me.  


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