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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Kenya Thomas, and I am a student at Family Worship Christian AcademyI am in the sixth gradeFWCA has a safe environment for students so we can focus on learningThe teachers also help me. I am learning things I never knew beforeThey help me learn how math and ELA work, and the teachers makes sure I understand it. If I need extra help, I can stay after school or come in at recess for tutoringI am becoming a very smart student 

The other things I enjoy about FWCA is the swings, basketball court, cheerleader group and a basketball teamThese are new and good for the students to have another focus besides workThe school is going to have a new cafeteria soon as well so we can eat healthyAlso, FWCA is good for my family because they have an app so my family can see my homework and school grades online to keep up with what I am doing in class  

FWCA helped me understand the importance and good things about the Louisiana Scholarship Program and that none of this would be possible without the Louisiana Scholarship ProgramI would not be able to attend FWCA without itI really like the school because it helps me learn and teaches me how to be successful in life by working hard and being positive.  


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