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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

By Kee’ia’s mom, Lakkeria.

I am the mother of Kee’ia Zachary, the beneficiary of a scholarship and a kindergarten student. The Louisiana Scholarship Program allows Kee’ia to attend a Christian private school named Family Worship Christian Academy, in Opelousas, Louisiana, which is very beneficial for me and my family. This is our second year at the school. 

As a parent, having Kee’ia attend Family Worship Christian Academy means a better education and more handson learning for her.  It means not having to attend failing or corrupt schools in my district. It means my younger sister may be able to piggyback and join me soon. Most importantly it means Kee’ia and her classmates will keep God first in all things they do. I enjoy the small and closeness of the classroom and the teachers are amazingthey make learning fun for the children.

 I must thank the Louisiana Scholarship Program because without you Kee’ia may be struggling instead of growing brighter each day. With your help I hope Kee’ia will become a veterinary or famous singer one day.   


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