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PROGRAM — Charter School

I’m Kerry’s mom.

Kerry’s favorite subject is math at Arthur Ashe Charter School, where he also met his best friend in kindergarten, and they have remained friends. His favorite teacher so far at the school has been Ms. Bridges. Kerry also plays basketball.

Kerry attended another school originally, but I wanted to expand his learning. I was looking for a school that can keep him enjoying his studies. Arthur Ashe has strong academics, band, and a good teacher to student ratio. It is important to have a teacher that loves her job and cares for her students. I also like for a teacher to be comfortable with her class size because it makes it easier for her to teach and to give attention to all students. It is a benefit to have a band because it teaches children to expand their minds thru music.

Even though all families have different income, all parents want to see their child do well in school. Having the ability to choose where your child learns and keeping them together with other family members is important for a child’s progress.  When schools have a comfortable learning environment for students, they will grow and learn to open up.


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