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PROGRAM — Charter School

I am a Latino American who is a proud student of my school, Kenilworth Science and Technology, and is also grateful of the Pelican Foundation for working hard to give us the necessary education, materials, and doing everything to make the school educational, fun, and a happy, safe place.

“…my principal, teachers and staff members expect the most of us like our parents do at home…”

I chose Kenilworth Science and Technology School because my parents and I thought this was a good place to learn about science and technology, and other subjects, as well. What I like about my school is that my principal, teachers and staff members expect the most of us like our parents do at home, which will give us a better future and a better job. The teachers take their energy and time for us to learn. They also make sure we are safe, healthy and have fun learning. To me it’s important because the teachers do actually work hard for us as does the Pelican Foundation; they are all heroes.

The students and parents should have the freedom to choose their school because the learning is essential for kids and each school has a specific strength and purpose, which is to teach children and form good citizens and professionals in the future. The school must be a place where the student feels good and secure, and they know they belong.

I would like to say thank you to all teachers, staff members, and the Pelican Foundation for giving us support at a school who doesn’t see colors, nationality or income. Thank you all for your hard work in many different ways.


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