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PROGRAM — Children's Scholarship Fund

The scholarship that I received in grades K-8th  helped me become a better student. I was able to attend a Catholic school that not only challenged my educational abilities but allowed me to continue pursuing my goals by getting accepted into an excellent high school.

If it wasn’t for the support and the generosity of the scholarships, my siblings and I would not have been able to attend Catholic school. I chose to attend Catholic high school because I felt I was going to obtain a better education.

Now in high school, the scholarship is helping me build on my skills, meet amazing friends, and use all the resources the high school has to offer. I am currently in the tenth grade, with a 92 average, taking honors/AP and regents classes, a team member of the school JV softball team, part of the ambassador committee, and a member of the debate club.

Being in Catholic school has made a big difference in my academics. The teachers challenge you to do better and I don’t have to worry about my safety. I hope to become a lawyer and donate to the scholarships that helped me out through my years of school. Hopefully, I am able to make a difference in someone else life. Without my scholarship, I might not have been where I am now. With humility and gratitude, I will never give up because I am one of the lucky ones receiving a scholarship to better my future.


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