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I go to Don Bosco Cristo Rey. The Boost Scholarship has helped me a lot, especially with financial aid problems. It helped me get through three years of school because I want a career in psychology or business accounting, which is really helpful in making me happy, because I’m doing something that makes me happy in a way to change the world. I hope that other people out there get the Boost Scholarship because there are problems out there with families not having a job, or their parents not working, but a scholarship could help them get through a good career and be happy in their lives.

I like my school because it’s a small community, we all get along together. The teachers are there to help you and to help with the college process. They help you and care for you. If you have mental health issues or you’re stressed, they help you. You get a good education so you can be a better person in the world.

To get a scholarship to get to school is great, because I am changing as a person. I’m evolving into someone I didn’t know who I was going to be, a helpful person who can be there for other people. To pursue studying and to become a better person in the real world is my goal.

I did receive a scholarship for the past three years and that’s very helpful and I’m very happy for that. I can’t wait to see where it takes me. My grades have been amazing, and I’ve been accepted into many colleges like Mount Saint Mary’s, Montgomery, and Marymount. I’m happy knowing that I have scholarships and my parents don’t have to worry so much about the financial situation. I know that they support me and I’m supporting them back by giving them a better future for them and for myself as well.


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