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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

I have six in my family. I have two kids that go to college and one goes to St. Christopher. I also have a sophomore who attends Rancho Magnet School. My daughter, who attends Rancho Magnet School, she attended St. Christopher. I was so impressed with her teachers. At the time, my little one was in kindergarten. I was so impressed with the teaching and it made me feel like I was at home.

The teaching here, especially the religion, which is my number one priority of why we are here, is wonderful. The teachers gave us a good impression of what the school is about, and the principal last year, they made me feel like my children would be at home. The security, the safety, everything. I did not make a mistake, and that was for sure. My other child who graduated from St. Christopher went to Rancho and I’m proud to say she’s one of the top six students out of 856 students. That’s why I’m really impressed with the education here.

The first year I applied for the Opportunity Scholarship, but unfortunately the letter came back to me saying we were denied. It would be my first year to apply for a scholarship, ever. The letter said there weren’t any more scholarships available. But we had to keep on going because this school is really worth it. I am struggling, yes, but I felt this school is really meant for my kids. I thought the scholarship was for kids who work hard for the scholarship, so I thought they deserved this. This year, I have struggled financially, but I don’t want to pull them out of Catholic School.

I need a scholarship because two of my kids are going to college. One of them is taking kinesiology, he is now in his third year. My other student is in her last year at CSN. Those things really matter. I’m only working part-time as a home health nurse and so if I don’t get patients, I don’t get anything. I don’t get benefits. That’s why I decided to apply for the scholarship this year just to help me get through the year. But there were no more offerings of scholarships.

“I want to appeal to the legislators, to whoever is of good heart, to listen to our voices.”

I’m here because I want to appeal to the legislators, to whoever is of good heart, to listen to our voices. We really need your help, especially for the parents here. I’m a parent who needs this scholarship.


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