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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My daughter Anya is a student at Saint Anne School. I am a single, Hispanic woman living in Las Vegas. There are not many opportunities for us here in Las Vegas. I work three jobs and barely make enough to pay rent. I knew that was going to be a factor when my daughter was little, so I decided to look for options for school. I saw there were scholarships available so I applied when she was very young. I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship so she has been going to private school since she was in kindergarten.

My daughter is very intelligent. She’s been on honor roll since kindergarten. She does very well in science, math and reading. She does cheer. She plays guitar. Unfortunately, we live in a neighborhood that is not so great, but we’ve been given the opportunity to go to a school where she can excel and be part of society instead of being a statistic.

We are blessed every day to be given this opportunity. To be in a school where we can praise Lord and she can also get an education that she would not received in a public school is a blessing.

“We are blessed every day to be given this opportunity.”

Nevada is ranked so low in public education and that is very sad. From all the money the state makes, we should have the best schools. We should have the best education. The best fields for our children. Unfortunately, that is not a priority here in Las Vegas. But there are people that are generous. People who donate. People who have these scholarships so that we are able to put our children in schools, so they can learn and become the first woman president, become a biochemist, and really become something wonderful in life.

I would tell Nevada legislators that they really need to focus on what’s important. That’s our youth, our children. If we don’t focus on them, and the education, they will never learn anything. They will work in the casinos. They will stay here, never go to universities and be what they’re supposed to be in life. If they’re not given these opportunities, they’ll be low-income. People that donate and give money to education, it’s helping our children. It’s not going to waste. My daughter is fully using her scholarship. She learns every day. She learns to read. She loves to write. You’re investing in her education and she won’t let you down, because she’s really going to use it to her advantage.

From Anya:

My name is Anya. I really like to focus and I love reading and math. I especially love math. I am thankful for the opportunity to go to this school.


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