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PROGRAM — Charter School

My son has been at his school for two years. He is a bit shy, but very responsible. He likes to do things perfectly even if it takes a little longer to do them. He is persistent, respectful, and likes to have good friends. He likes to help, share, and teach them if he can do it.

I chose for my son to attend PDMA because I heard good references about that school and because they have fewer students than in other schools. I know that it is better for my son because they can give him better help and attention. Also because I know that my son would receive help with his IEP and be able to have a better academic performance. At all times the staff has been very kind and has helped me with the process. At this school, my son is comfortable in class and the teachers help him.

School choice has made a difference in my family. I am very happy as a mother now that my son has the attention he needs for his academic performance. He receives help with his IEP, especially from the teachers. People in the office treat him like family. They are patient and dedicated in their teaching towards him. They give him their time and support his learning, and they keep me informed and help with his education. As a mother, I am grateful because I receive all the help.

I believe more families should have the same privilege we’ve had in exercising school choice because I have seen the treatment of each parent and each student as soon as they arrive at this school. For the staff, we are all important, both children and parents. They offer the same services and support and I always see everyone’s dedication. I have talked with some parents and they agree with me that they give us help and attention.

“I want more parents to have that experience so that we can help students have a better future and life, full of opportunities.”

School choice is great because we can make known what the school offers us and the experience we have as parents and students. I want more parents to have that experience so that we can help students have a better future and life, full of opportunities.


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