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PROGRAM — Charter School

Alejandra is a wonderful child. She is in kindergarten and just recently learned how to read!!! We thank her teacher, Ms. Rocío, who has been very diligent and caring with our daughter, who now reads alphabet books twice a day!

I chose this school two years ago because of the caring staff, family-feel, and wonderful environment. I strongly believe that students need to develop strong emotional intelligence before they learn. In other words, love and care create the foundation for learning. It is evident when our daughter comes back home singing the continent song, learning Spanish with the Spanish teacher, or even talking with a lot of enthusiasm about her day. Kudos to the kinder team!!!!

School choice has made a difference in my family because there are some important social skills that Alejandra has learned. For example, in class, they teach the students how to cut apples and behave at the table during dinner. I’ve seen her grow independently and become responsible for chores at home. We love her manners and the way she says thank you and responds respectfully to adults and family members.

“I believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to learn and be successful.”

Every family should have the option to choose how they want their children to learn. I believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to learn and be successful. Painted Desert Montessori Academy offers this and much more! Since the pandemic, Alejandra has had access to technology when virtual learning and access to in-person when it was time to go back through hybrid virtual.

School choice means that you decide where and how you want to learn. You choose great schools, and should not be limited to your choices because of where you live or because of a ZIP code. Painted Desert Montessori Academy offers Alejandra a different curriculum where she actually gains the skills and the foundation to be a successful human being.


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