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PROGRAM — Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

When we first applied for ESA for my son, we did not know it would be an option for my daughter. She was currently attending our local pubic school, and although she was coming home very frustrated and upset most days the school never mentioned her having any issues.

When we requested a meeting with the teacher we discovered she was severely struggling to keep up and not able to complete the work. We were told she was struggling with reading and not able to write. It was then we decided it may be time to try the ESA scholarship for her as well.

My daughter is very smart, but struggles to complete tasks and is not motivated by things she is not interested in. We were able, with ESA, to find a curriculum that was both interesting and motivating to her in a format that she was able to understand and complete one task at a time.

Over the past year she has caught up on all subjects she was behind in, as well as get ahead in the subject matters that are extremely interesting to her. She was able to work at a pace that worked for her and really dive into those subjects that she was excited about. She has developed a love for science and anatomy, as well as writing and just finished writing her very first book!

The ESA program has given us the opportunity to find a form of education that helps my daughter not only keep up with grade level, but truly thrive and find her passion


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