I love attending Cristo Rey. The best part of going to school is being able to work. During the pandemic, we were unable to work, so it has been great to work outside of school again. It has been so much fun. We work in the medical field, law firms, and real estate. There are so many incredible opportunities to be out in the area and figure out what we like and don’t like and give us real-world experience.

To me, education means growing. Education has allowed me to become more thoughtful about the world around me and has helped me figure out how I can impact the world for the better.

It was super tricky during the pandemic, and while we were on zoom, the teachers and staff did a great job of ensuring we understood the lessons and weren’t falling behind. Although class would end, teachers kept Zoom open for students who needed any additional help. I appreciated the teachers taking the time to do that during such a hard time for us.

Because of Cristo Rey, I feel confident that I can go into the world and take on any task I put my mind to. I feel ready and prepared to take on any challenge because of my experience at this school. I am so thankful for all of the support my school has given me.


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