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My parents chose Cristo Rey for me because they could never afford to attend private school and wanted to ensure that I was in an environment with academic rigor. The aspect of this school that made me excited was the work-study. I enjoy working, and to do it as a part of my schooling was the icing on the cake for me. The jobs that I have worked have given me incredible work experience, and it’s something I can put on my resume when I apply for jobs in the future.

I believe it’s essential to combine education with real-life work experience so that when we graduate, we will be ready and able to do whatever we set our minds to accomplish.

At my old school, when I didn’t fully understand something in class, the teachers didn’t do a perfect job of explaining further or providing any resources to help us figure it out, and I was essentially forced to learn certain things on my own. At Cristo Rey, I have more one-on-one time with teachers and access to tutors every day. I genuinely feel that my teachers here care about me and want to see me succeed more than anything.

I will be the first person in my family to attend college, and I am excited about that. While I’m excited for myself, I realized that I am the exception. Some students will never be in the position I am in, so I think it’s important that everyone has access to high-quality schools like Cristo Rey. Education is everything to me, and I am extremely thankful for being at school. My parents have always dreamed of me going to college, and because of Cristo Rey, that dream will be fulfilled.


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