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My whole life, education has been a top priority. Most of that is due to my parents making sure I had a strong work ethic. My mom loves Cristo Rey and ensures I am always on track with my studies. She tells me repeatedly that education has to be more important than anything else. Whenever I ask her to do something fun, she asks me first, “How are those grades?” I believe my education is vital when it comes to my overall development and my future. There are so many things that I want to accomplish in my life, and I know it starts with my education.

The thing I enjoy the most about Cristo Rey is the tangible real-world work aspect. Every week I get to go and work and see what it will be like after I graduate. I am learning so many cool things inside and outside the classroom. In addition to work experience, Cristo Rey has helped me accelerate my college plans. I have sat down with my teachers, who have helped me plan my entire college plan. It has been an incredible opportunity to get real hands-on experience all around. I have also met and networked with leaders in the workforce that will help me get hired once I graduate.

I am incredibly grateful for my parents’ role in my education. While I am fortunate, countless students don’t necessarily care about their education or even see how it can impact the future. Some of the people I know don’t even care about their education, and it’s really sad to see.
I want to pursue a degree in computer science and provide value in that space. Our entire world revolves around technology, and I want to be someone in that field that significantly impacts the world.


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