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English translation below.

Hola, yo soy Gizane Baeza, yo llegué a USA hace casi dos años y no sabia hablar inglés.

Los maestros no me querían dar clases y siempre me ignoraban.

Le dije a mi mami que me buscara una escuela donde supieran hablar español e inglés para que los maestros me hicieran caso, mi mami encontró una escuela Charter y solo tardé tres meses en que me aceptaran, ahora llevo casi un año ahí y soy porrista, los maestros hablan español e inglés y me ayudaron a aprender el idioma. Dos veces por semana me quedo a entrenar para porrista, y estoy muy feliz.

Porque no deberían importar los ingresos o la forma o zona donde vives para escoger la escuela que te guste.

Hello, my name is Gizane Baeza. I came to the United States almost two years ago. I did not know how to speak English.

The teachers in my school didn’t want to teach me and they always ignored me. I told my mom to find me a school that spoke both Spanish and English so that I could communicate with my teachers and so they would listen to me.

My mom was able to find me a charter school, and it only took three months for the school to accept our application. I have attended there for almost a year and the teachers speak both Spanish and English. They have helped me learn English. I’m also a cheerleader and I’m very happy.

“Family income or the area where you live should not matter in choosing a school.”

Family income or the area where you live should not matter in choosing a school. Parents should be able to choose a school that is best for their kids.


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