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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Destiny ArcleseI attend Family Worship Christian AcademyI am in the 7th gradeI am truly grateful for the Louisiana Scholarship ProgramIt has made a big impact in my life and is truly amazing. Without this scholarship I may not have been able to attend FWCA which has blessed me for more than five years. Ever since kindergarten, I have been able to attend Family Worship Christian Academy because of the scholarship I received. 

 I am also very comfortable at the school I attend; it is great. The teachers give us special projects to help us learnMy favorite project was the family tree. The family tree was fun because we had to write our relatives from our father’s and mother’s sideI was able to hear stories about relatives in my family that were funny and interesting

Teachers also helped me when I had trouble with different subjectsThey spent extra time with me so I can have a better understanding of the lessonThere are some children that also don’t do well in school because of family issues, but the teachers are there to help with any problems students are havingThe teachers are truly a blessing. 

The scholarship has helped me and my family and been a true blessing in our livesIt has made a big impact on me because of how much I have learned in each gradeI am very thankful for the program and could never ask for anything more.  


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