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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By mom, Brittani.

I have two daughters, DaMyRee (5th grade) and D’Lea (3rd grade) who attend Family Worship Christian Academy on scholarships from the Louisiana Scholarship Program. Having these scholarships gave me an opportunity to choose a school for my daughters to get a better education and has reduced stress on the family for lack of money and education concerns.

 D’Lea’s life has been impacted tremendously because she now wants more for herself in the future and she works harder at learning. Receiving the scholarship boosted her self-confidence because of the nurturing environment at Family Worship Christian Academy. She is now eager to learn more. D’Lea was given a new learning environment and experience with great teachers. The scholarship even changed her attitude by helping and giving to others.   

DaMyRee has also been affected positively by attending Family Worship Christian Academy. It is a well-rounded school giving students a great experience and great teachers. She has learned time management skills for studying and learning. This scholarship has helped my DaMyRee pursue her dreams for the future. And has opened her eyes and ears to work harder toward her dreams. This scholarship has also made her very grateful and appreciative. The scholarship made my child have hope in her future.  

The scholarship has given my daughters a brighter future. We are very thankful to be awarded this scholarship. Your support means a fortune. 


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