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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is A’myriona Lazard and I am currently enrolled in Family Worship Christian Academy. I have received a scholarship from The Louisiana Scholarship Program for this school. I have attended this school since pre-k and now I am in seventh grade. Family Worship Christian Academy helped my family and I many times since I have been here. This school is a very well rated school for all grades.  

The teachers and the staff are very efficient and productive. My grandparent was in the hospital and staff from FWCA came to visit her many times to help. My first report card of this school year was very good because I had honor roll. I was very surprised because math is not my best subject so I was blessed to have a teacher that pushed me to be better. Many different good things have happened to me like starting a real relationship with God.  

Our school is very productive and efficient because we don’t have to buy supplies or bring anything to school. The school buys our blinders and many other school supplies like glue and paper. Over the past year, our school had decided to start sports like track, basketball and cheer for us students.

Family Worship has really helped me mature me as a young female. They have taught me how to be responsible at home and at school with my work.  


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