PROGRAM — Gardiner Scholarship

Every child is different, and they have different needs. I have two daughters. One is going to district public school, and she’s happy. That school fits her needs. My youngest daughter, Olivia, has autism. She has other needsOlivia has been attending STARS Autism School since kindergarten on the McKay scholarship and is currently in the sixth grade.  

It is important for parents to have a choice of which school they want to send their children too. When I was growing up, everyone had to go to the school in their neighborhood. We weren’t given any other options 

Once Olivia was diagnosed with autism, we had to research to find help and a school that could tender to her needs. At STARS, Olivia has been able to receive a quality education and the therapy services she needs to be successful socially and academically. She is an ‘A’ honor roll student. When she started at STARS, she would have tantrums and attacks in publicNow, she will let us know if her environment is too loud. She has and makes friends as well.

Olivia has come a long way and most people can’t tell she is on the spectrum. She’s been able to improve so much because we had a choice of the school we wanted her to attend. The scholarship has been amazing for Olivia and our family.  

Olivia is getting into her teenage years and she wants to go to a bigger school, like her older sister. Our family, with the help of Olivia’s teachers at STARS, are working with her to make it an easy transition. I’m not ready for my little girl to attend high school but I am excited that she feels confident enough to be in a traditional classroom setting.  


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