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I am in the 9th grade at Cristo Rey, and my education has been everything to me. Education means experiencing new things that will allow me to not only be a better person but to be someone who can contribute to society. Through my education, I am inspired to get my degree while teaching others to stay the course and receive their education.

The greatest thing about Cristo Rey is the work-study program and the fantastic people I have been able to meet at this school. I can have real-life job experience that I can put on a resume because of my work study.

As a 9th grader, you typically don’t have much to put on a resume, but by the time I graduate high school, I would have had multiple jobs with multiple years of experience. This small school has allowed me to build meaningful relationships with the staff and my peer. I feel as if I’m coming home when I walk through the school door every morning.

I believe education could fix many issues in our world today. I see my community facing many obstacles and realize most of their issues could be resolved by returning to school. Education is vital for everyone, even when you leave high school and college. My education has shown my family members that anything is possible.

I am also class president, which has taught me how to campaign and be more of a people person. Overall, I am very happy with the school I am in and believe that all children should be in a great school where they can leave their problems at the door and learn to thrive.


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