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My time at Cristo Rey has been amazing, and I have enjoyed my time here. Cristo Rey has positively impacted me because, through school, I have been able to go to work a couple of times a week. I work at Heartland, which works on the payroll, which isn’t really where I would like to pursue my career, but it gives me a broader perspective where I can see what it truly means to be a part of the workforce.

I want to be an architect, and Cristo Rey has a lot of doors for architects that I think could help me. And I’ve been looking at what they have, and I think that would help me.

Cristo Rey does an excellent job of exposing different aspirations and careers for students like myself. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, but the school helped me narrow down a few career paths that I was interested in, and they helped me a lot. The school has helped me with multiple opportunities to figure out exactly what I want to do and become.

What I enjoy the most about Cristo Rey is that it’s faith-based and revolves around my values and beliefs. We have mass once a week, which helps me. This school also strongly emphasizes family, making me feel at home whenever I come to school.


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