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My name is Arianna and school choice is important to me because my parents are trying to get me the best education they can and my school really supports helping you pursue a career in the future. They get you prepared for college and things as an adult, opposed to just dealing with things in the present. My school is helping me get ahead in life.

It’s important for students to receive a scholarship to go to a school that fits their needs because students should feel comfortable where they go to school and they need to be able to afford it, so scholarships would help them get certain opportunities and get ahead in life.

Education is important because you need it for everything. To get a good job and work and have a family, you need education. You’ll need to be able to support yourself and the first step to that is having a good education.

I like my school because everyone there is really welcoming, kind and it’s a community. They all fit nicely together.


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