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My name is Quinton Djoumgoue and I’m in 8th grade at St. Joseph’s Regional Catholic School in Beltsville, MD. I’m a pretty fun guy, I like playing soccer and swimming.

My parents chose this school for me because I used to attend a public school and my mom thought it was safer for me to go to a private school.

I’ve seen a difference in the schools. In my old school, teachers didn’t really engage in any problems that their students had, while in my new school, they are always helping the students no matter what they needed.

My favorite thing about St. Joseph’s is my math class. It’s really fun and I have an interactive teacher who is always helping the students.

I want to be an engineer when I’m done with school.

It’s important for families to have school options because if a family can’t choose what school they want their child to go to, they might not get the best education because they cannot afford it. Let’s say the child wants to go to this school that has way better teaching courses, but they’re forced to go to a different school, they might not do as well.

Parents should have a choice where their kids can go to school.

I would tell lawmakers that they should allow parents to choose where their child goes to school, because it’s unfair if they are forced to go to just one school.


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