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PROGRAM — Ed Choice

I grew up in a nice neighborhood. The house I lived in was very nice, my neighbors were friendly, and I was a short drive away from the mall and the airport. The only problem about the neighborhood was that I lived within a public school district that did not have quality schools. Because of this, my parents made the decision to find a private school for me to attend.

This search led them to Tree of Life Christian School. At the time of my enrollment, they were unable to completely afford my tuition, but fortunately the EdChoice Scholarship existed. This allowed me and many other children in the state to attend schools outside of their public district, or just private schools. The scholarship has helped my sister and I through all of our years of education so far, and today I am only two months away from graduating from Tree of Life. The EdChoice scholarship has been a great benefit to myself and a countless number of children in the state of Ohio for years.


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