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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Ahmad Brumfield, but everybody calls me Cas. I am in the 6th grade at Crescent City Christian School in Metairie, Louisiana.  I received a scholarship from the Louisiana Scholarship Program.  I have a little brother and one older brother so I am the middle child with all the love. I love to dance and ride my bike when my mom says it is ok. I love school, and I love basketball

I think I made the decision to attend Crescent City Christian school on my own because my mom loves God and she trusts him a lot. I asked my mom if we go to a private school can we learn to love God like her. My mom said private school keeps God on your mind, but talking to God everyday will help you to love him like she does. I asked mom if we could find a school to learn about God. I told her my friend likes Crescent City Christian School. He said it is fun, and they go to church every day. The teachers are very nice too so mom said she will look into it.

Since I received a scholarship to attend CCC, school means a lot to me. I care about my grades. I like doing homework, and I love, love, love the fact that we do our homework on computers. We go to church almost every day, and we sing sometimes. Some of the things I like best about school are sports, student council and computer learning.  The reason I think sports are important is because it makes me want to make better grades and concentrate on my schoolwork so I can play sports. I have to have good grades to play sports. I love the student council is because I am the student treasurer of 6th grade, and I love to count money. I also love the fact that we do all homework on computers. It helps me not only get familiar with computer, but it teaches me how is be more independent as well. I have less paper and books to carry around, and I love it.

I believe children who want something out of life or children who have caring parents like I do should want to better themselves and their future with a better education. In one way I think all children deserve a chance to get a better education. School is not a game. It a place to learn and make yourself better, and your parents proud.

When I think about what school choice means to me, I think school choice means that I get to decide which school is best for me. I have a very strong relationship with my mom, and I try to always help my mom out with decisions about what is best for me. So school choice is definitely a big step where I help decide which school is best for me and my little brother; mom normally agrees.

I pray that other children will read my story and feel like school is not a place to just go to play. It is a place to learn and be the best that you can be. Playing is for recess after you finish your work. It is a blessing to either play or sit alone and relax. I hope this helps other kids make better choices about school and their future.


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