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PROGRAM — Private

My scholarship and financial aid made it possible for me to attend Marian High School. But it unlocked so much more than a world of blue plaid uniform skirts and an all-girls atmosphere. I’ve been able to flourish through being on the newspaper staff, creating our literary and arts magazine, leading the Marian Students for Life club, and participating in Servite Connections. At school, I’ve made irreplaceable friendships with my Marian sisters, and my teachers and counselors have supported me since I walked in freshman year. But none of this would have been possible had I not received a scholarship. 

My parents both work, but paying for private education for me and my three brothers was tough. I’m eternally grateful for the generosity of the alums, teachers, and donors who made private school dreams my reality. Without school choice, I could have never attended Marian, and I wouldn’t have had access to its amazing resources and incredible teachers, all of which have helped me earn a full college tuition scholarship. 

I firmly believe that all families should have the right to school choice, just as my family did. Parents know the needs of their children’s better than anyone else, and they deserve to choose what educational structure will best serve their kids. School choice helps low and middle-income families afford quality education, such as in my family’s case.  As a future education major, I want to work towards giving every family the right to school choice and help students succeed.


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