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Press Release

AFC Announces Quarter-Million Dollar Ad Buy Calling Out Legislators for Trapping Hispanic Families in Unsafe Schools in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV (May 22, 2023) – The American Federation for Children (AFC) today announced its plan to spend at least $250,000 on television and digital advertisements calling out Nevada legislators who rejected Governor Lombardo’s school choice proposal and have chosen to keep Hispanic families trapped in unsafe learning environments, where “kids are bullied and chased by gangs.” The legislators, as the ads will point out, refused to listen to families asking for education options.

The ads, which will be broadcast in Spanish on Telemundo and Univision beginning Monday, May 22, will run in the Las Vegas market, as well as digitally across more than a dozen target legislative districts, as part of AFC’s One Million More campaign. This initiative will devote an additional $1 million in new advocacy efforts to pass or expand school choice for at least one million more students across the country before the end of 2023 legislative sessions.

Statement from Valeria Gurr, Senior Fellow, the American Federation for Children:

“Hispanic families deserve to know which legislators are committed to supporting our community’s right to a quality education for our children – and who is devoted instead to a status quo that has failed us. We are dedicated to taking this message to families across the state.

“It’s time for legislators to come to the table and listen to their constituents who have been calling out for much-needed change; our students are grade levels behind and emotionally suffering. It is enough. We are proud to stand firmly behind Nevada’s families in supporting Governor Lombardo’s school choice plan.”


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