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I chose to send my son Walter to a smaller school because his former school was not providing him with a good education. Bishop McCort High is a place where I know he would feel welcome and would want to learn.

At my son’s old school, his grades suffered because the teachers simply didn’t care if he did his work or not. Now, he’s got all A’s and B’s! Not only have his grades gone up, but he had made so many new friends. Nobody picks on my son at Bishop McCort.

I think all families should be able to choose a school that best fits them, regardless of their income. The school that students are currently attending may be the right one for them. However, for some families, zoned school isn’t the right school for their son or daughter.

A school can make a huge difference in a kid’s attitude towards education; If the studetn loves the environment, they’re going to want to be in the school more. If they hate being there they will find every reason not to go. I think every family should have a choice to choose a great school for their kid.


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