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PROGRAM — Charter School

English translation below

A mis hijos yo los cambie de una escuela de TUSD a Charter porque mire que no avanzaban en sus logros escolares. La nueva escuela en la que los inscribi les ofrecia mayor rendmiento academico con apoyo en lenguas extranjeras y musica.

Creo que el dinero no debe de ser impedimiento para el estudio,  hay muchas opportunidades por medio de las becas de Opciones Escolares, que ayudan a optener una educacion gratuita o de bajo costo. Como padres siempre se debe buscar el mejor desorrollo academico para los niños, y gracias al programa eso pude hacer yo para mi familia.

I moved my children from a TUSD school to a charter school because I saw that they were not making progress academically. The new school I enrolled them in offered a better learning program for them, and provided support in foreign languages ​​and music.

I believe that familial money should not stop learning. There are many opportunities through scholarships opportunities, which help low-income families access a free or low-cost education. As parents, we should always seek the best academic development for our children, and thanks to school choice, I was able to do that for my family.


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