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My EdChoice voucher completely changed the course of my life. The middle/ high schools that I would have attended were failing schools in a failing district, and my parents knew that. So, they made an active decision to use resources like the EdChoice program to send me to a school where the education was proven to produce positive results.

As a result of my education, I earned a full-ride scholarship to Miami University, where I will be graduating with a Master’s in Political Science and Bachelor’s in Global Diplomacy and Politics, as well as a minor in Spanish, all in four years! None of this would have been possible had my family not been able to choose where I received my education —graduating with two degrees and debt-free thanks to school choice!

Regardless of income, all families deserve the right to choose where their child is educated because parents and families know their students best! Families want the best for their children, and they should be able to choose what will allow them to thrive, grow, and make a community. Whether or not a student decides to go to college after graduating high school or to take a different path, each one deserves a firm academic background that will allow them to succeed wherever they go. If the choice is given to the families, it can be assured that every family and student can choose success over failure.


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