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My grandchildren received scholarships to Mt. Saint Joesph and Saint Ann’s Academy. Each grant paid 3/4ths of their tuition. Both schools have special days for grandparents. Michaela loves the nuns and had all A’s on her report card this past year.

The scholarship is amazing, and the teachers are great. Michaela got one for music and one for academics. Blaise is an advanced mathematician. Both children play musical instruments. Michaela plays the cello, and Blaise the bass.

We chose the schools after visiting several Catholic high schools in the area. If your child has a special talent, like musical instruments, scholarships are offered for that. Several times a year, the children perform. Blaise even goes back to his elementary school to play because they don’t have a student who plays the base.

The elementary school they attended was Monsignor Slade in Glen Burnie. We chose it because it was close to their home. The children attended daycare at the school, and they provided aftercare for working parents. Their parents will also write about their experiences, but I am very involved in picking them up.

Both of my grandchildren have received scholarships. There are also programs that allow parents to pay the tuition over time. There are uniform exchanges where parents can buy uniforms from parents whose children have outgrown them. Both parents work, and many other students need help buying uniforms. When my daughter attended Immaculata Middle School in Bethesda, we had no money for uniforms. The nuns offered to pay for them.


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