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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Tyler’s Mom, Nys:

My child, Tyler, is very quiet but he loves to learn new things. He loves to read books and tries to invent things. He likes to look things up on YouTube and tries to make things happen. I really want the best for Tyler, which is why I applied for a scholarship through the Louisiana Scholarship Program. This scholarship has made a big difference in our lives because without this scholarship, I would not be able to send Tyler to Emmanuel Seventh Day Evangelist. This has helped me make sure my child gets the best education he can at a private school he loves it and he learns a lot.

The first thing I like about Emmanuel Seventh Day Evangelist is the teacher to kids ratio. The classes are small so the teacher makes sure Tyler puts his all into his work.  The second thing I like is that he can always call the teacher if he doesn’t understand and needs extra help. Finally, I like that the teachers all know the kids and the kids are in a safe, happy, comfortable environment.

“I want more for my kids than I had growing up, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity for Tyler.”

I believe everyone who has a child that is willing to learn and wants a great education should have this opportunity to attend a school that fits them. Some kids get left behind because many parents can’t afford private school tuition. I want more for my kids than I had growing up, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity for Tyler. I know this opportunity will make him a wise young man and will set him up for success; he will always win.

As long as children receive a great education, it’s only up from here. They always say the more you know the further you go, and I really and truly believe in that.


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