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I used to go to a public school up until third grade. At the school I’m currently attending, I like the environment better. As soon as I got to my school, St. Mary’s, I started making friends, I was happier, and people noticed that I started smiling a lot more. I think the teachers are more involved and care more about you. They help me so much, and now I’m on the honor roll. I think it’s important that I’m at a private school because I feel that the environment is so much better, and everyone is so much more involved.

Before St. Mary’s, I attended the public school that was closest to my house by walking distance. It wasn’t the best. I didn’t like it and my mom didn’t like it either. She’s a single parent, working one job and there wasn’t a lot of money. But now, I have moved in with my grandparents, so they’ve been helping pay for the school I’m at right now, so I’m grateful for them.

“I’m so glad to be around such an amazing support system in my mom and my grandparents. They didn’t have to help, but I’m thankful that they did.”

I have seen a difference in the community of students from my old school versus my new school. Here, they are uplifting, and I’ve made so many new friends that I think I will keep beyond graduation. I don’t think the students were bad at my other school, I just feel that they weren’t the nicest.

The teachers here are really involved in our lives because I feel like a lot of teachers don’t have to be involved as they are, you can come to them for problems outside of school and I think that’s really good.

School choice is really important. You should have a choice in where you go to school. Obviously not everyone can go to a private school, but I just think that people that are in private school are really lucky, and they should be thankful because not everyone gets to have that type of education.

Education is so important because it’s the start of your whole future, and without a good education, you won’t be able to be all that you can be, you have to have a good foundation first. I personally want to be a pediatrician when I grow up.


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