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I go to St. Mary’s Elementary School in Annapolis, Maryland and I’m in 8th grade. My family chose to send me to St. Mary’s because they liked the environment, the teachers, and how I could get a good education from going to private school. My dad went to private schools, he enjoyed it, got a good education and it led to success in his life.

I have two brothers, a younger brother who also goes to St. Mary’s, and an older brother who is now at Gonzaga and attended St. Mary’s Kindergarten through 8th grade.

It’s important that families can choose what school their children attend because it’s your life and you have to decide how you want your environment to be, your teachers. It determines how successful you can be in life. If you get a good school education, then you’ll get into a good college.

It’s not really fair that only families that can pay tuition get to go to private school. That’s why I like the BOOST program, because it can help families who don’t get enough payment from jobs that they can send their children to good schools.


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