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PROGRAM — Private

My name is Grace Mitchell and I attend St. Mary’s Elementary School in Annapolis. I’m here today because I feel that funding for private schools is really helpful. I chose private school because I love the community and the education I am getting in private school. I enjoy the environment of private school and I feel like you can’t get that in the public schools where I live. Funding our private schools and giving kids opportunities to attend these schools is an important topic.

I have not attended public school, but I have friends through sports who have gone to public schools and they never had as close of bonds as I have had with my teachers, and my friends, with people I normally wouldn’t have met in the outside world that I met in school and became really close with.

“I think education should be a basic right for all.”

I’m on a small scholarship for school, but I’m not on financial aid; it’s an academic scholarship.

School choice is important because I want to live my life the best I can as a child and enjoy my time in school. Other than learning, I want to have great experiences, and learn so when I get into the adult world, I have knowledge of different things other than strictly the textbook, like relationships with people, having good friendships, and connections with my teachers.

For our school, we came here with Boost, that was our big initiative to work on and to fund our school. It gives better opportunities to students who attend our school. I think education should be a basic right for all. You should have the ability to learn and expand your knowledge in life so you can have the best career in whatever passion you have, so you can prepare for the future and just learn to the best of your ability.


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