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PROGRAM — Alabama Tax Credit Scholarship

Thomas and his brother, Joshua

To me, school choice means giving someone the chance to go out on their own adventure. School choice gives someone the opportunity to discover what they want to do with their lives. School choice also gives students a new perspective of the world from a place other than their home.

My middle school teachers showed that they cared for us as students and as individuals. They showed all students the attention they needed by tutoring after and before school, giving personal advice, and knowing everyone by name. The teachers knew how to get their class back on task without having to yell at anyone.

Families should have choices and feel comfortable and content with the school their children attend. The school that they might otherwise be forced to attend might be the wrong fit, preventing them from having the learning experience they deserve.

If students can attend a school that is the right fit, they will focus on learning, and teachers will be empowered to teach. If a child comes from a background where they are overlooked, and the right school provides an experience of everyone caring for each other, that school will change the child’s mentality about school and learning.


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