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PROGRAM — Individual and Corporate School Tuition Organization Tax Credit

My school will determine my future and therefore school choice is very important to me. Education is essential and my career and entire future depends on a quality education and the right school. Thanks to school choice, I can attend a school that I believe fits me best.

I started my education at Hennessy Catholic school, a small school with approximately 70 students. My parents knew I would receive the best education in a small classrooms setting. It enabled me to develop a strong relationship with my teachers, which allowed me to receive more attention when I needed extra help.

As they enabled me to learn and grow in my faith, private schools made me a more complete person. I strive to be a better person and live a holy, Catholic life. At Beckman Catholic students are trustworthy, respectful, and loving. I am proud to be apart of this school.

My Catholic education has also brought me closer to God. Every week that I have celebrated mass with my school, in both grade school and high school, it is an amazing experience. Kids, when they are old enough, should be allowed to have an input into the school they want to attend. Many schools offer different benefits that will fit every individual child’s need.

Our high school education is one of the biggest factors in the future of our lives. I was fortunate enough to be able to decide what school to attend. Because of this decision I put more effort into my work and prosper in school.

As I graduate high school and plan to further my education it is my decision to pick a college that is right for me. By this time I will be an adult and it will be time to start making big decisions on my own. My future is all about making decisions — starting with yet another school choice.


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