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PROGRAM — Charter School

I am a parent of children at Edison School of Innovation.

I know Edison was the right fit for my daughter because of the small class sizes and I was impressed when we visited the school. I visited another school where the office was messy, they were late with meeting with me and everything was disorganized. This school was the opposite. The principal was also very helpful and let me meet the teachers and ask them questions before I enrolled my kids. The school fit perfectly for my family because it is small and not overcrowded with too many classes or students. We enjoy having one class per grade level.

I love that the school has smaller than public school class sizes. I also like that the teachers are very easy to communicate with. They answer questions quickly through the dojo app. I also loved the clubs the kids could join. The theatre club was adorable and well done. My daughter was enjoying the dance club a lot too. I also liked how my kids were so excited about the science they learned. They would tell me about the projects they worked on and wanted to learn more about the subject.

It’s very important for families to choose schools they are comfortable with. As a mom, I don’t want to send my child anywhere that I don’t think is safe from bullies or questionable faculty. I want every worker to have passed a background check so I know there is a minimal chance of abuse. I would not send my kid to any school that was equipped with locks or necessary gates to prevent intruders. Everyone deserves to know their kids will be safe when they are not with them.

Something I also consider when looking at a school is the curriculum and standards they have for the kids. If they do not push the kids to be the best they can, the child would be better somewhere else.


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