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The Milwaukee Parental Choice voucher truly turned my life around for the better. The voucher made it possible for me to attend Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Milwaukee. Before attending this high school, I attended a public middle school that simply did not work for me. I was so behind in my learning, sometimes because didn’t get the help I needed, and other times, because the material, was not challenging enough. That school was just not the right fit for me.

I then discovered Cristo Rey High School, which was opening in Milwaukee, and I became a part of their founding class. At Cristo Rey I was able to receive all the help I needed in my studies, intern with corporations at the age of fourteen, graduate with honors, and network with people in Milwaukee for my later career. The education I received at Cristo Rey pushed me to continue my education at Marquette University where I am now on the Dean’s List. This was all thanks to school choice because it gave me the opportunity to attend this school by making tuition financially affordable for my family. Many of my achievements would not have been possible if I attended another school, and I am thankful for school choice.

“All families, regardless of income, should be able to choose the right school for their children.”

All families, regardless of income, should be able to choose the right school for their children. The parents or legal guardians of children will always know what is best for their child, and that includes their education. My family and I were fortunate that school choice is available in my city, as it allowed us to choose the school that was best for me. No one knows what is best for a child more than their family. Education options should be available to everyone, without income or ZIP being the determining, or limiting, factor.


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