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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

I recently graduated from Cristo Rey. I’m a first generation college student and will be attending Marquette University this fall. I plan to pursue a biological science major and a psychology major as well. My parents have always pushed me to do my best and try to succeed in anything I do, which has helped drive me. 

My parents believe education is very important, especially in this country. They know that higher education opens the doors to many more opportunities. That their children would graduate from college is something they planned on when they migrated to this country. When I was younger I didn’t really love school, but they pushed me to think about my future. 

“The Milwaukee choice program helped make private schools possible for my family.”

Cristo Rey was special because of the people and the bond we formed. I was part of the first class and that was unique. They really pushed on to do well and set a course for the future. 

The Milwaukee choice program helped make private schools possible for my family. In my area, the public schools aren’t necessarily the best. I’ve always gone to private school and at first I took that for granted. But then I realized my schools were giving me the opportunity to achieve something other students would struggle to achieve. Cristo Rey, for instance, has given me so many opportunities, such as the work study program and mentoring. And they push us to go to college and help us through the process. 

I come from a low income family. Choice helped my family get me to where I am now, and also helped my brother. When my parents first came to the country, they did not know about the school system. My sister went to public school. Then she found out about the choice program and encouraged my parents to send my brother and I to private school. I think all families should have that same opportunity.


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