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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Ryan Williams. I am the proud father of three sons who attend St. Rita Catholic School in New Orleans. I am also a parent/volunteer. Through the years, I have volunteered at St. Rita and at recreational parks across New Orleans where I’ve worked with young men. I am especially happy to volunteer at the school my kids attend.

“St. Rita has done an amazing job in preparing my sons for the next step in their educational journeys.”

Growing up I didn’t have the support that St. Rita gives to its students. I had teachers I liked, but most of them didn’t know what was going on in my background. St. Rita’s principal and teachers really know their students. They provide a foundation of faith, education, after school activities and tutoring for the kids in a family oriented environment. I enjoy being part of it.

St. Rita has an amazing track record with students, laying the foundation for them to attend some of the top high schools in New Orleans. St. Rita takes any kid and works with them, no matter their background. Three years ago, we had seven boys and apply to attend Jesuit High School, all seven were accepted. Two years ago, we had seven young men apply to St. Augustine High School and all were accepted. It’s part of my volunteer effort to keep up with all the kids after they leave St. Rita and follow their success.

St. Rita has done an amazing job in preparing my sons for the next step in their educational journeys. My youngest son Jaden is in his last year at St. Rita. Next year he will attend De La Salle High School. Jalen, my middle child attends Jesuit High School, where he’s on the honor roll. My oldest, Ryan, Jr., attended Ecole Classique where he was one of the school’s top students.

There is no doubt about the quality of a school like St. Rita. I’m proud to be a part of it and to see firsthand, not only from my kid’s perspective, but through the eyes of other families. It’s really heartwarming and great to know that you played a part in these kids’ lives.


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