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I chose to send my daughter to a private boarding school because Erie, PA was quickly going down the tube in education. The Milton Hershey School is free. It’s funded by the Hershey corporation. Kids from all over the country can attend but it’s not very well known. The kids receive college scholarships when they graduate from the Hershey school though. She enrolled at Hershey when she was about 10 and was able to do any group or sport she wanted. She participated in the marching band.

After my daughter went to Hershey, I was able to work more. I became a school bus driver and saw just how screwed up our educational system in Pennsylvania is. While driving school bus, the kids would fight and threaten to bring guns on the bus and shoot everybody. When I filed a complaint with the police department about the child threatening to shoot up the bus, the school decided to replace me as the school bus driver and let the kid continue on.

Every parent should be able to make the decision to keep their kids in a safer school than what is going on in the public school systems! The public school systems only care about having bodies in the building that they can get money from. Those kids don’t even need to have the ability to learn. I really think my story should be heard because it is important for parents to know what is going on in the school system and only those of us who are in it can see it!

Parents have no idea what kind of environment their kids are in!


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